The DML Design Principles Database (DMLDPD) Project

Who Are We?

Meet the Documentation Team!

What Is The DML DPD Project Doing?

MacArthur has asked us to document the design principles for using digital badges that emerge from the initiative. We will examine how each project’s intended practices for using badges are transformed as they are implemented and refined in the context of the project. By looking at this process across projects, we can identify the more general principles for using badges to assess, motivate, recognize, and evaluate learning. We can also point to specific examples of those principles and give projects credit for discovering them. This is elaborated in the attached Study Information Sheet.
We are interested in the intended and enacted practices for using badges to assess, motivate, recognize, and evaluate learning, and how those practices are being refined as a project is getting under way.
We are particularly interested in the factors that support or undermine intended practices. The factors may be contextual things that emerged once you tried to implement the practice. But they might also be other practices. For example, some practices for recognizing learning will work with some assessment practices but not others.

What Are We Not Doing?

We want to be clear that we definitely not evaluating projects; if projects are doing evaluations, we want to learn how they are doing it and if badges play a role in it. Our goal is to associate the emerging principles with projects; when possible and when projects confirm we will try to identify the individual(s) most knowledgeable about them. We also want to give projects and people credit for their insights, and help identify the relevant research literature for those principles

Get to Know The Initiatives

Here you can read particularly Memorable Quotes and view Highlighted Practices being enacted by the initiatives.