The Badges Design Principles Documentation Project

The project has begun publishing! See our new main website at DPDproject.info(external link)

See artifacts on workingexamples.org(external link) and the resources below.

Download the DPD Project Interim Report (20 Jan 2014)
JanuaryReport (PDF)

Badge System Design Tool Debut was at MozFest in London:
Download our card deck (Printable 2-sided PDF) here: CardDeck

Posts detailing our four strands of design principles:

Initiative Analyses published on Working Examples:

Please follow our work, and comment on our Working Examples!

The remainder of the information on this Wiki is under construction and subject to change.

The Initiative Analyses are under construction. Not all of the interviews have been conducted, and the pages of those that have been conducted are still being formatted and are locked to the public. Please do not share this information with others until we have completed our analyses. See finished initiative analyses at Working Examples, linked above.

About the Project

Welcome to the DML Design Principles Database (DMLDPD) Project. Here you can meet the documentation team and find general information and resources related to designing, implementing, and evaluating badges in terms of assessment, credentialing, motivation, and research.

Digital Badges Design Principles Workshop

Information concerning the March 13, 2013 pre-DML workshop.

Initiative Analyses

The Initiative Analyses page is a place for Awardees to review the documentation team's characterizations of their projects and proposals, and make appropriate edits. It is important that the initiatives are characterized accurately, so please make necessary comments and changes. Password Required

Badge Design Principles

In the second phase of analysis the DPD team is developing principles across projects. See the Working Examples for the freshest information and richest descriptions of how these principles play out.

Badging Platform Analyses

The DML-DPD team is considering exploring how badges and intiatives are being shaped by the different badging platforms.

Relevant Research

We would like the community's help collecting relevant research. Feel free to comment at the Working Examples page for each relevant strand.